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Heathrow New Store Opening

We are pleased to share with you the opening of our 4th Heathrow store today – Landside at Terminal 5.

This joins our 3 other stores at Heathrow which are all airside at Terminal 2, Terminal 3 and Terminal 5

Our teams at all levels worked tirelessly to get this opened and THANK YOU to everyone involved in helping to get this done, as always a massive Team Effort from everyone and we really appreciate everyone’s hard work with this.

  • This store is located in the Departures hall in Terminal 5 BEFORE you go through security unlike our other stores that are located Airside.

  • So at this store in addition to our normal Airport styles we will also sell larger luggage items as people often need to buy “Check In” luggage.

  • It is located close to Business Class and 1st Class check in so the passenger profile is very good.

Many thanks to all our friends and partners for your continued support and especially to the excellent staff at Heathrow who continue to help us at all times.


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