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About Us

The Brentano Group is a group of separate and autonomously run companies with the same common vision of wanting to represent, display and succeed in offering the best in class.


We strive to deliver success, generate a profitable return and be respected in the market place; always achieving our goals and high standards with integrity, care and mutual respect for our entire workforce.

A Message From Our CEO

Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion. But they are also not shy about admitting shortfalls, changing course and working for the long term future of their companies. 

This is the philosophy which I very much buy into and instill amongst my co- shareholders and Directors. We may make mistakes, if we do we are confident we can rectify them, but without trying new innovations and pushing the boundaries we have failed before we have even started. 

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Stephen Spitz

CEO, The Brentano Group

“Quality, good service, pleasantness and decency in whatever is provided is remembered for many years—the amount paid, is quickly forgotten once the credit card has been settled.” - Stephen Spitz

The History of 170 Piccadilly

Established in 1923, 170 Piccadilly is one of the oldest luggage stores in the world. Originally trading as Revelation Piccadilly, the store survived the war years trading a premier collection of luggage, serving Royalty, Noblemen and Dignitaries amongst others.


The store had many names until it was sold to Stephen Spitz in 1988, who set about refurbishing the store and offering a more contemporary mix of products. Today 170 Piccadilly is home to our flagship Case store and welcomes hundreds of customers through its doors each day.

Charity Work

The Brentano Group of companies understand the importance of giving back to the community whenever possible. Whether it be with the time of the different directors or partnerships and donations with a myriad of charities. 

We are delighted to help and support those that we feel need our help and where we can make a small difference.


We support charities of all kinds and have been proud to have helped amongst many.

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