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Bric's partner with Porsche Design

Case at Harrods are delighted to be partnering with Bric’s and Porsche Deign (Bric’s being the licence holder for their luggage) in relation to the attached marketing campaign for the month of March at Harrods.

Bric’s and Porsche Design have taken the 6 full windows in Hans Road as you turn off Brompton Road, partly in celebration of Bric’s 70th Birthday.

“Bric’s is a very important brand globally and part of our lives and our business” said Stephen Spitz the CEO of Case Luggage. I have been dealing with the family and selling Bric’s for 35 years in London through our stores and have a superb relationship with them all. Harrods is a very important location and Bric’s has been selling there for close on 50 years.

Pietro Briccola – the Sales Director and Board member of Bric’s SPA in Milan said “We are so delighted to be part of this marking campaign, in our 70th year in the iconic special store Harrods which is a key door worldwide for the brand. We share a very special relationship with Stephen Spitz and his whole team who are our true partners for many many years”


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