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Case 170 Piccadilly

Case London are pleased to enter into the holiday period with their partners Brics and Tumi being heavily featured in the windows at 170 Piccadilly.

In February 2023,a historic occasion will be marked by the Directors and Staff of Case London at 170 PIccadilly Mayfair, the 100 year anniversary of the opening of the store in this location.

The building underwent some alteration during the course of its history. Perhaps the most extensive change was the subdivision of Papworth's great Egyptian gallery into two floors, witha galleried room on the first floor. (fn. 158) The date of this alteration is not known, but it was probably before 1853, (fn. 161) and certainly before 1879. (fn. 162) There were further unspecified alterations in 1884, when the architect was James George Buckle. (fn. 163) At the expiry of the lease in 1905 the Egyptian Hall and the houses and shops on either side from No. 166 to No. 173 Piccadilly were demolished. The whole site, which corresponded with that first leased to Mackay in 1806, was redeveloped shortly afterwards as Egyptian House.


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